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The HBCU App Road Map

The HBCU App started with a simple idea of bringing all things HBCU together in one place. Over the past couple of years, we have seen tremendous growth and have developed wonderful partnerships along the way. Although we have made significant strides, we still have ways to go. In the coming months, we will be embarking on our next journey of making the app even more informative, easier to navigate and a lot more features and functionality. We know this will not be an easy journey, but with the support from our Schools, Students, Alumni, HBCU Organizations and Businesses, Partners, Sponsors, Friends and Family, we know that we will accomplish our goals. Below is just a few of the upcoming changes you will see as we move forward:

App Updates in the coming days and weeks:
1. Interim updates to “Menu Bar” to reduce scrolling – this is the initial phase towards Navigation Simplification
2. New Partnerships being added


Future App Updates:
1. New App Logo
2. New Launch Screen and Home Screen
3. Better Categorization of Information
4. More robust sections for Students and Alumni
5. More features and functionality for HBCU Schools
6. More capabilities for app User
7. More Media & Entertainment capabilities and outlets
8. More involvement from all HBCU related organizations and businesses


These are just a few of the upcoming updates. Stay locked in with us as we embark on this journey. Support us as we make the app the primary source for “All Things HBCU”. Stay with us as we “Mobilize” our HBCU community.